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Ron Paul, Star Wars, and Other Searchable Keywords

As you may have heard, we've created a radio piece designed specifically to make it to Number One on the Most E-mailed Story list.

How? By studying the list and incorporating all the most popular themes and elements into one story. If you never thought you'd live to hear Ron Paul, quinoa, and Masterpiece Theatre in the same story, these are truly your salad days.

But we need your help. Right now we're up to #2 on the list, trailing a story that shall remain nameless. Go to the story, listen to it, enjoy it, click on the "E-mail Page" button, and email it to all your friends. (Please note that if you type in a list of names all at once, it counts only for one e-mail. So you might want to call in sick and spend the day sending the story many times to various individuals.)



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Very sneaky and clever (can you tell I watch British TV?)! You guys caught me with kittens... and Ron Paul? I stared at it for a moment with confusion, and clicked away (and e-mailed!)

Also, Star Wars! Dead on for me! The new animated movie,, The Clone Wars, was just announced for this summer and the TV series will be out afterward in the fall. So, if there are fans, you should catch them! You sure caught me who has been ridinig on a high of another movie!

Keep it up guys! You're awesome and I hope this helps others to see (or hear) it!
-BPP fangirl

Sent by Natasha | 10:51 AM | 2-14-2008

I just read the most emailed story that is number one, an shall remain nameless. You're getting beat by a depressed English professor, who thinks sadness is vital, not just to creativity, but life in general. That's actually in and of itself, sad. Good Luck BPP. You're the little show that could

Sent by Sam Stordahl | 12:33 PM | 2-14-2008

this is like the most awesome thing you've ever done.

Sent by benjamin morgan | 2:04 PM | 2-14-2008

this is absolute brilliance...i laughed ridiculously...i don't usually listen to bpp, i may look at grabbing the podcast. pure gold...way to incorporate it all in one.

Sent by rrl | 3:09 PM | 2-14-2008

& today on epicurious, the new recipe rss feed features...

"Quinoa Cakes with Eggplant-Tomato Ragu and Smoked Mozzarella"

Sent by sgw | 8:30 PM | 2-14-2008

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