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The Song Stylings of Barbara Walters

We had the Moldy Peaches on our show a few weeks ago and they played a bit of their song "Anyone Else But You"—you know, the song from Juno. I have to say (and I know this is unpopular) I was not a big fan. Too sing-songy. I told director Jacob as much as we listened to the interview in the control room.

Flash forward to Sunday night and the Barbara Walters pre-Oscars special on ABC. I didn't watch her interview with Ellen Page, but director Jacob did. He forgot to tell me until today that Barbara Walters got Ellen Page to whip out a guitar and sing the song. And Barbara sang along.

Sorry to Barbara Walters (full disclosure: I once worked at "The View" and I liked her a lot), but this does not make me like the song any better:



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