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Vampire Weekend's Guide to New York

Vampire Weekend is a band worth watching. Pitchfork anointed them with its coveted "Best New Music" title this year, and The Village Voice and The New York Times have both spent plenty of column inches gushing about the band's original sound. This week, Vampire Weekend reached the top 10 on the iTunes most-downloaded list.

Some people hear the Talking Heads in their music, some hear the Clash. But everyone can agree that they have a distinctly New York feel. Weekends' lyrics range from crosstown bus rides to Upper East Side hangouts. We chatted with the Columbia graduates last week near their alma mater and discussed all things New York.



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Please already with the vampire weekend how many more stories you gonna do on these loser brain dead rip off punks

Sent by shelley bishop | 1:28 PM | 2-6-2008

Vampire Weekend is an emerging powerhouse of music that's earnest, fun and simply happy and wonderful.

Me? I hear a little Graceland in there.

Cheers for keeping tabs on these guys on their rise to popularity.

Sent by Emily | 6:36 PM | 2-10-2008

OK - Here come The Strokes--I mean Vampire Weekend. Yes, some of there tunes are solid, but they are nothing great. Listening to Vampire Weekend's self titled album was nothing like the first time I heard The Flaming Lips/Talking Heads/Belle and Sebastian/Badly Drawn Boy.

They only seem to be the flavor of the month(/year) as far as smart/pretentious pop music goes.

Oxford Comma is a good song and being an architect, I can find a good place in my music catalogue for Mansard Roof, but they're not the Beatles! They are only hyped like they are.

Sent by AC | 12:23 PM | 2-18-2008

is your sweater on got this old gal

Sent by joan | 4:02 PM | 3-4-2008

Just a bunch of copy cats. Both songs featured on npr are a rip off of a few African music genres. Shame on you.

Sent by Bob | 4:24 AM | 3-7-2008

love, love, love, cant wait for another album by them!

Sent by Rosalie Schubert | 10:42 PM | 3-9-2008

good music is good music - simple as that (and they are cutie petudies!)
I enjoy refreshing music

Sent by rachel | 6:03 PM | 3-22-2008

I agree! how dare these people make music that appeals to people! How dare they steal african music genres! you're totally right, BOB. Because african artists never get inspiration from american artists or other popular artists from around the world and steal some licks from them. Yeah, its called musical inspiration--look into it. Artists across the world fuse musics of different cultural and geographical backgrounds. All musicians have something to offer to fellow musicians.

And what is with all this Vampire Weekend bashing? Honestly, I got it, they aren't the beatles, they aren't the stones, but did they ever claim to be? People enjoy their music. Get over it. Instead of tearing down people's interest in music, why don't you share your own? Just don't put down people who appreciate music.

Sent by Colin | 4:43 AM | 5-2-2008