Egg on Your Face? : The Bryant Park Project Egg on your face? Debunking that old spring rumor.
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Egg on Your Face?

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Did you feel any different at 12:48 a.m. EST? Feel like the laws of physics changed?

The vernal equinox today marks the beginning of spring and is characterized by equal parts day and night. Every year, when the equinox rolls around, a rumor resurfaces. It says that you can stand a raw egg on its end today — and today only.

Is gravity so misunderstood that it's conceivable it could change the rules on us for a single day? Even if this were true, why could only eggs stand on end? Why not eggplants? Or pickles? And why not on the autumnal equinox too?

Fact is, gravity is the same today as it always was; perhaps it just needs a better public relations campaign. You can stand an egg on its end any day of the week, month, or year. Try it. This guy sure did!

Now, go smell the flowers and celebrate spring the old-fashioned way.