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'Garfield' Is Funny Again!

My husband pointed this blog out to me: It's Garfield comics without Garfield. Suddenly some tired three-panel strips find new life as an examination of modern loneliness.



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mewow...absolutely...and i just got 2 kitties for my sometimes challenging modern existentially timely!

Sent by jayn | 4:52 PM | 3-1-2008

So, wait... you are saying these are digitally altered strips that originally had Garfield in them? Are you sure? They seem so self-contained.

Sent by Will G | 7:04 PM | 3-2-2008

Those strips are freaking me out, man.

BTW: Did you know Jim Davis (the author of Garfield) is from Fremont, IN just like James Dean? They have the same initials? Is this in any way significant? Nope.

Sent by Nathan in Holland | 5:25 AM | 3-3-2008

Have you ever played with the Garfield randomizer? It just takes random panels from the Garchives and arranges them as if they were a comic. Mesmerizing, surreal, and hilarious.

Sent by Ian Chillag, NPR | 8:46 AM | 3-3-2008

Another great Garfield-related project is (I think).

Each entry is a video, beginning with a live action version of a strip, and then the second part is a music video related to the strip. It is freaking hysterical, unlike regular Garfield.

Sent by Greg | 10:07 AM | 3-3-2008