Election 2008

It's McCaining Men. Er, It's Raining McCain.

Way back on Super Tuesday, we did a segment about voters going the extra mile and writing songs for their favorite candidates. Back then, we couldn't find one about McCain. Problem solved:



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An interesting mix of creative and scary. It was a bit painful to listen to... someone was way off key, but I'll give them a point for effort and bravery.

Sent by April | 1:18 PM | 3-24-2008

You've forgotten john.he.is!


Sent by Kat | 4:09 PM | 3-24-2008

...{sniff}...I'm cold...{shiver}...and scared. P-please ma-ma-make them st-st-stop. First Alison "singing" the blues. Now this.

Only one version of this video could be scarier: the out-takes.

Sent by Phillip | 6:35 PM | 3-24-2008

Okay, I just took a minute out from researching Bhutan to watch this.

Oh. Dear.

At 2 minutes...when the lead McCain girl 'washes' her face with McCain? That's disturbing.

Then I had a thought, with the cheezy yet slightly snarky production value,
do you think these women want him elected or is this some DNC plant?

Sent by Alison Stewart-NPR | 4:34 AM | 3-25-2008

I couldn't even watch the whole thing. Sadly, I actually DO think they want McCain is elected. My opinion is totally stereotypical, however. I'm an actor, and all of the talented people I know are Democrats.

Sent by Heather | 7:06 PM | 3-26-2008

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