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Linkfest: The 16 Worst Places to Stash Your Stuff

Your stuff — and where you keep it — is a key to good health, according to Prevention magazine. For example, toothbrushes stored on the sink are prone to "aerosolized toilet funk," so you're better off stashing yours in a medicine cabinet.

The 16 worst places to stash your stuff
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I'd just like to throw my support behind Dan Pashman on the antibacterial debate that sort of came up today during The Most. Need we be reminded that we all play host to millions of bacteria, without which we would not be able to digest our food? Without bacteria we would not have cheese, which, in my humble opinion, is one of the best types of food ever. Bacteria evolve to survive just like everything else on Earth and overuse of antibacterial agents will only encourage them to develop into the super-bacteria we should actually fear. Yay, Dan!

Sent by Ann | 2:21 PM | 3-31-2008

I don't know how often y'all watch Myth Busters, but they actually did an experiment with the toothbrush bacteria thing. They had brand new toothbrushes, and they placed several in different areas of the bathroom and had a few that were control toothbrushes that were way away from the bathroom, and had never been in there at all. The result? Even the controls which had NEVER BEEN IN THE BATHROOM had the same bacteria on it. Let's face it, our toothbrushes are just going to be un-pristine. Just don't think about it.

Sent by Amy James | 2:33 PM | 3-31-2008

I created the t-shirt that Don Zirkel was wearing that day. There were no "graphic anti-war images" as the police reported via your link to Newsday. The shirt has the following lettering on it:

4,000 Troops
1 Million Iraqis
DEAD (with small red splotches on the bottom right)


The front of the shirt simply states a well documented statistic. The back, the thoughts of the client I created the design for. I feel it is very important, not only to the showing of Don Zirkel's moral character and stance (as well as that of all the other protester wearing the shirt that day) and my character as the artist of the shirt, that these facts are reported correctly.

Thank you.

Sent by Stephanie | 1:38 PM | 4-2-2008

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