NCAA Bracket Throwdown: A Sports Nut vs. A Four-Year-Old

You're probably in one of those NCAA tournament office pools, and you've probably already gotten a bunch of picks wrong. But don't feel bad, even the "experts" never get it right. In fact, here at the BPP, we're so confident that expertise has nothing to do with picking an NCAA bracket that we're stacking BPP sports guy and former ESPN hand Bill Wolff up against editor Tricia McKinney's four-year-old daughter Cassie.

After the first day of the tournament, Bill is leading Cassie 13-3. But Cassie is a real gambler. By which we mean a proverbial gambler. For instance, even though a #16 seed has never upset a #1 seed in the history of the tournament, she predicted it would happen FOUR TIMES this year. A kid can dream.



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But Cassie does have one secret weapon: Butler University. She picked them to go all the way to the finals, and if it happens, she'll amass enough points to beat the Big Bad Wolff. So, why Butler? Well, here's some sound of Cassie making her picks. This should give you some idea...



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Go Butler!! Thanks for choosing us, Cassie!! :) There might be a scholarship in your future, haha!

Sent by Bradjward | 11:12 AM | 3-22-2008

Next year, you should give Cassie some mascot photos to help her make her selections...

Sent by Naomi | 12:27 AM | 3-24-2008

Nearly all of my young daughters picked Butler, too. And you know why? Because you said "Butt."

Two other pitfalls for them were "Mt. St. Mary" and "St. Mary's" because the school they attend is "St. Mary's." So it's hard to pick against a known commodity.

Sent by Sean Weide | 11:10 AM | 3-24-2008

I took Bill's advice and went with Clemson. Oops. I am still ahead of a co-workers bracket picking dog in the office pool though!

Sent by lisa | 11:57 AM | 3-25-2008

She really is dreaming, but i pick Georgetown to go all the way.
I can't say i wasn't dreaming.

Sent by HOyas#1 | 8:02 PM | 3-29-2008