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Slideshow: I Like Paintings

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Last week on the show, Rachel Martin spoke with Jeremiah Palecek about his paintings of Internet memes. Above, he walks us through some of his work, from YouTube to canvas.



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Painting is so gimmicky now. This aesthetic of painting is a meme as well, Dana Schutz still does it best. Ah, I hate to sound so negative though, congrats to Mr. Palecek.

Sent by Matt | 7:23 PM | 3-18-2008

Please, if "meme(s)" is the word du jour, let's pronounce it with a long e.
It was morphed from the word "mimesis" around 1976--as "an idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture." Quite catchy, not? As is The Bryant Park Project. Thank you and good day.

Sent by Franz Kitzberger | 6:30 AM | 3-19-2008