Spitzer's Brother: The Darwin Defense

Nomination for most eye-popping quote about the N.Y. Gov. Eliot Spitzer prostitution mess, from the Wall Street Journal:

His brother, Daniel Spitzer, a neurosurgeon, said: "If men never succumbed to the attractions of women, then the human species would have died out a long time ago."

(Thanks to EP Sharon Hoffman, on a train to NPR HQ in D.C.)



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I was standing when I saw this, so I sat down just so I could fall off my couch laughing. Thanks much.

Sent by steve thompson | 7:11 AM | 3-12-2008

The truth will always be funny:)

Sent by louis | 3:41 PM | 3-12-2008

Daniel Spitzer's comment is actually quite similar to what NPR's own Nina Totenberg said on-the-air during Bill Clinton's Lewinsky scandal: "Boys will be boys!"

Sent by aglanga | 6:05 PM | 3-12-2008

and girls will be girls so while you men think you are getting away with it by ignoring the wife at home statistics show you would be better requesting a DNA test before presuming the child is yours. Perhaps you are getting away with it because your neglected wife at home is too busy to care.

Sent by barbi | 8:31 PM | 3-25-2008