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'Star Wars' Merchandise You Cannot Buy

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Steve Ross and Jason Geyer had these great ideas for Star Wars merchandise. Click the picture for a catalog of what didn't make the cut. (Big thanks to Ian Chillag for putting this puppy together.)

Challenge: In the comments, pitch your own idea for Star Wars merch.



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All that stuff is awesome...if that got rejected, where's the stuff that did make the cut?

Sent by Greg | 8:49 AM | 3-25-2008

I agree, Greg. I want my death star grill.

Sent by April | 11:45 AM | 3-25-2008

I heartily second the desire for this grill.

Sent by Katie Moody | 12:02 PM | 3-25-2008

What about the rust-colored Cloud City jets Salt & Pepper shaker?

Sent by db | 12:56 PM | 3-25-2008

I NEED this grill, and the Han in Carbonite mini fridge!

Sent by Nichole P. | 12:57 PM | 3-25-2008

A few things we couldn't get to:
Lightsaber Toothbrush
"Light Side/Dark Side" Salt & Pepper shakers (white & black Luke/Vader sculpted shakers)
R2-D2 Slide projector (remember the image of Leia? Imagine your powerpoint coming out of R2's face.)

Sent by Ian Chillag, NPR | 12:59 PM | 3-25-2008

I always wanted to put my hair up in side buns like Leia...I dig those headphones! They would have to sell them in all hair colors however. The Cloud City light fixture is awesome.

Sent by Ami | 1:22 PM | 3-25-2008

I'm totally digging the Princess Leia Headphones. Being rather crafty, myself, they shouldn't be to hard to make.

Sent by Pam | 1:27 PM | 3-25-2008

A Mynok might make a nice trash disposal

millenium falcon bath mitt? It can get clean the kessel run in 10 parsecs.

also bib fortuna's

lekku would make a nice airline neck pillow. Other Twi'leks seem to have lekkus that were built for speed not comfort:

how about a roomba shaped like a jawa? A jawoomba?

Sent by Mike Pesca, NPR | 2:50 PM | 3-25-2008

How about a Chewbacca Bear Rug.

Sent by Robert | 2:53 PM | 3-25-2008

Landspeeder swimming pool inflatable lounger.

Music headphones shaped like Lando's assistant's headpiece. Supports Bluetooth.

Darth Vader belly-mounted universal TV remote.

Green-tinted sunscreen, so your kids can pretend they're Jabba's dancer Oola.

Stormtrooper motorcycle helmet - comes in only one size.

R2-D2 Rainbird pop-up garden sprinkler.

Yoda's Magic 8-ball. "Hazy the answer is. Ask again later you will, Mmm?" The ball is green of course, and full of real swamp water from Dagobah.

Blue Police Box garden tool shed. Oh wait, scratch that, wrong sci-fi milieu!

Sent by Bill Karwin | 6:09 PM | 3-25-2008

Cantina Band Hero!

Sent by Stephanie Livingston | 6:52 PM | 3-25-2008

Before I saw all the rejects, I kinda let my mind wonder on what I think would be cool. I was thinking of Leia headphones and low and behold, there they were. I like the Cloud City Lamp. I'll take first dibbs on it. What about a clock radio with the alarm to a specific theme. A Darth Vader clock where the alarm is the voice of Darth Vader. a C3PO, R2D2, Han Solo alarm clocks would be fun and cool.

Sent by Dale L. Meyers | 9:22 PM | 3-25-2008

car magnets to make your car look like an X-wing

Sent by Carrie Paps | 9:46 PM | 3-25-2008

There are also a few things you can
find, but not buy, in the desert if you're lucky. For example, a piece of the Sarlacc Pit

Just got to Buttercup Valley by Yuma, Arizona., where they filmed the barge scene in RotJ. They buried the set back in the day. Pieces of it keep rising out of the sand after almost 26 years! My Jedi Master Sue Dawe and her friends (I think I was born the month this happened in ND!) went there after they buried the set and each scored a shutter off the barge. Most of the stuff is gone since the area is not a recreational park, but we were lucky to still find chunks of the Sarlacc last year. It was an amazing experience, especially after we crash landed on Tatooine.

Sent by Natasha | 9:21 AM | 3-26-2008

How about a Death Star waffle iron! It's perfect! Just modify an already circular iron to resemble the details of the star!

Sent by Rob Powell | 10:07 AM | 3-26-2008

Lightsaber Umbrellas. Picture a golf umbrella with a Lightsaber hilt and a neon-colored shade. Bonus points for light-up tip and sound FX in the handle. Sell smaller Yoda-lightsaber umbrellas for the kids.

Sent by Saturn Padua | 10:47 AM | 3-26-2008

I have a grill. A really nice one. I would still get a Death Star grill anyway.
And the Taun-taun costume is awesome!

Sent by Dave Michaels | 1:05 PM | 3-26-2008

Several years ago I had an idea for a Tauntaun sleeping bag, you know, for kids.

Sent by Lisa S. | 5:08 PM | 3-26-2008

Don't forget the Jawa transport dumpster.

Sent by Joe Soter | 6:34 PM | 3-26-2008

There was an inflatable land speeder pool lounger. I had one.
A Death Star themed dish set would be cool. Moisture vaporator lawn ornaments would also be nice to see.

Sent by TK-8130 | 10:15 PM | 3-26-2008

How about a Princess Lea Bagel Slicer? Her head is like one of those big Barbie heads and you place your bagels on each side of the head where her hair twists would normally be located. Hey, if you make the head oven safe, you have yourself a Princess Lea Bear Claw Warmer as well :)

Sent by Nancy Sue Phillips | 8:00 AM | 3-27-2008

How about a death star Christmas Tree topper.

Sent by connor2k | 3:04 PM | 3-27-2008

Honestly though, wouldn't one of those mounted tauntaun heads look nice next to your college diploma in your office?

Sent by Nerf Herder | 7:15 PM | 3-27-2008