Terry Gross Dishes 'American Idol'



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Sometimes you need candy and nothing else will do. That's what we had at the end of The Most today. Terry Gross, host of WHYY's Fresh Air joined us for the fun.

That's right. Terry Gross.

You may not know this, but she is a huge Idol fan.

The segment wasn't totally candy, though — we did learn the meaning of the phrase "Jai guru de va om."



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I love when the greatest question-asker of them all asks if she can ask a question.

Sent by Chillag, NPR | 10:12 AM | 3-13-2008

I love that she's also clearly a fan of Rock Star Supernova and Rock Star INXS. And I bet she DVRs America's Next Top Model. She's my new soul mate!

Sent by sara z. | 10:50 AM | 3-13-2008

Jai Guru Deva Om
"I give thanks to the heavenly teacher."

In this case the teacher of the Maharishi the guru for the Beatles.

Sent by bcolfer | 2:57 PM | 3-13-2008

That really was the soundbite of the year. Terry Gross: "Can I ask you a question?"

Like she needs permission.

Sent by Sky Bluesky | 7:19 PM | 3-13-2008

Opps, my bad. I meant to say I disagreed with Terri. But I still think Idol is really boring.

Sent by Tom Regan | 9:24 AM | 4-16-2008

I hope Tom Regan is not the NPR news blog Tom Regan spelling Terry's name wrong.

Sent by Margaret | 12:06 PM | 4-16-2008

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