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Thinking of Going Vegetarian? Today's Your Day!

Since 1985, an animal rights group called FARM has declared the first day of spring the Great American Meatout. They want you to give up meat today...and they're hoping once you're off it, you'll stay off.

I'm one of those people who thinks, "Yeah, someday I should give up meat," but then I just stick with it out of inertia and, let's be real, laziness. So I reached out to someone who's currently giving up meat to find out how hard it is. Rod Dreher may only be giving up meat temporarily and for religious reasons (Lent), but he's still working through the practical aspects of a meat-free life. He's also blogging about it for the Dallas Morning News' religion blog.

His most helpful (to me) tip? Hot sauce.

I also found a great website called the Savvy Vegetarian. I'm thinking of maybe actually trying this for myself. One day. Sometime. Possibly? (We'll see).