What I Made for Dinner

What I Made for Dinner, 03.12.08

OK, this is usually Tricia's domain, but I did whip up a tasty meal from my favorite cookbook — which claims you only need five ingredients to make a good meal. In this case, I used
chicken, apples, onion, butter and brandy.

Chicken Tenders with Apples and Onions
Salt and pepper 1 pound chicken. Sautee until almost cooked. Put aside.
Sautee 1 onion in 1 tablespoon butter in same pan until soft.
Add apple slices (2 apples), 1/4 cup water and 3 tablespoons brandy or apple brandy.
Cook until apple slices are soft.
Return chicken to pan....let the flavors live together for a little while.




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This sounds good to me right now. And that's not entirely because I haven't had breakfast yet.

Sent by Summer | 8:15 AM | 3-13-2008

I may have to try that - finding something the kids will eat is always a challenge, but they like chicken.

This has become a staple at home - I stumbled across when a friend at work was heating up her leftovers and it smelled amazing. We make it nearly every week.

">spiced beef corn bread cobbler

(we substitute tomato sauce for the diced tomatoes - no visible tomato that way! - and I use the standard boxed corn bread mix instead of making it from scratch).

Sent by kathy k. | 10:55 AM | 3-13-2008

Hmm - I thought I could put a link in there but it didn't work. The spiced beef cobbler recipe is from Epicurious:


Sent by kathy k. | 11:47 AM | 3-13-2008

I make something like this but it's soft tacos. If you cut everything up small enough, you can use it for a yummy tortilla filling.

Sent by Tara | 5:07 PM | 3-17-2008

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