What's It Like to Grow Up in a Big City?


On the way to a sixth birthday party. Sarah Goodyear hide caption

itoggle caption Sarah Goodyear

Back home in Mississippi, people often ask me what it's like to raise a kid in New York City. That's not really an answerable question, I think, except maybe with one example after another.

The other day our son, Nathaniel, turned six. A few people still hold birthday parties at home, but by this point the kids are getting big enough that 15 of them can't fit all that well into a New York City house.

Instead, we loaded the cake and balloons and party favors (a flower in a pot for each kid) into the wagon that we use instead of a car. Nathaniel wanted to haul it himself, and he did. He pulled that wagon (most of) the mile to the tumbling studio where he takes a class each week. The weather was wet and windy, and the balloons were uncooperative. But he did it.



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Happy Birthday, Nathaniel! Hope you had a great party. Can't wait to hear about it when you come to Mississippi for a visit.

Sent by Aunt Cathy | 2:55 PM | 3-24-2008

Happy Belated Birthday to Nathaniel. That's such a sweet post and photo. (And P.S., if you're from Mississippi--one of my dearest friends is in Hattiesburg--I like you even more.) ;)

Sent by Marilyn | 9:02 AM | 3-25-2008