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My girlfriend Nora, having endured days of me talking about LOLCats, poses this question as I sit in the LOLCATS: I CAN HAZ CASE STUDY? panel at ROFL Con: what if LOLCats met the New Yorker Magazine caption contest?



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i prefer the guy (can't remember) who entered their caption contest every single week with the same caption: "go f**k yourself." crude, yes, but once you've thought of it, you'll be amazed how it is often the funniest caption possible.

Sent by matty | 6:41 PM | 4-25-2008

can someone please explain why these roflcon folk can't spell??

Sent by m.rawlins | 1:44 AM | 4-28-2008

is brilliant!!!1!

Sent by anne | 1:41 PM | 4-28-2008