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We had a small-world moment on the show today. We interviewed film director Josh Seftel, whose new movie War Inc. debuts this weeknd at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York. A few years ago Josh made a movie called Breaking the Mold: the Kee Malesky Story.

I came across this little fact as I was doing my homework on him before the interview. If you're an NPR fan, you might hear something famliar in that title. Kee Malesky is the name of a longtime reference librarian at NPR. Turns out Seftel approached Kee and asked her if he could use her name in his fictional coming-of-age story about a young girl with a thing for cataloging. After looking over the script to make sure it was free of any kind of errors that might disturb those who've devoted their lives to facts, history and context, Kee agreed to lend her name to the project.

Kee is usually based in Washington, D.C., but she coincidentally was in New York this week spending some time with us. So we held an impromptu reunion between filmmaker Seftel and his muse Malesky at the end of the show. Good times.

Bonus: The trailer for Breaking the Mold: the Kee Malesky Story