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Linkfest: Bring Your Baby to Work

Did you guys grow up in day care? Turns out some workplaces will now let you grow up in your mom or dad's office, at least until you can crawl to the water cooler yourself.

It's the BPP's Most.

Bataan memorial march draws record crowd/ Hope for the Tasmanian devil/ Silicon Valley meetings go "topless"/ Experts now recommend hands-only CPR/ Day care's new frontier: Your baby at your desk



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(There's no obvious home for this comment, so I'm sticking it on a linkfest.)

Since you guys brought up the subject of the Large Hadron Collider, there is a great podcast about it and CERN. It's made for non-scientists, so you don't need a physics degree to enjoy it. They take laypeople (actors, comedians, clergy) on tours of the LHC and talk about physics, philosophy, the significance of what they're doing at CERN, etc.

It's hosted by Brian Cox, a CERN and Univ. of Manchester physicist who put himself through grad school with his part time job as a pop star whose band had a #1 hit. How cool is that?

Sent by Maura | 11:22 PM | 4-1-2008

the LHC story was very good. I'm glad to hear people talking down the small number of people that think the world is going to end as soon as this thing is switched on.

im going to check out that podcast, looks interesting.

Though, since the post was made on 4-1 i thought i was going to get Rick Rolled for a second.

Sent by jeff stiefer | 2:16 AM | 4-3-2008

oh yeah, and in regards to the story about bringing babies to work. NO. Just No. No. No. Many...many times no. Please no. That action might just cause the single, childless workers of the nation to finally rise up ;)

Sent by jeff stiefer | 2:20 AM | 4-3-2008