Maternity Leave, Day Nine : The Bryant Park Project Alison checks in: Maternity leave, day nine.
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Maternity Leave, Day Nine

Speed Racer makes the time fly by.

No baby yet. Frustration and concern began to set in, and then I remembered the words of Project Runway's great philosopher, Tim Gunn — Make it work!

Making maternity leave work:

1) Rub elbows with former presidents. Strolled within 3 feet of Bill Clinton in the west village on Monday. Got the hairy eyeball from Secret Service who spied my MSNBC jacket.
2) Tag along to screenings with friends. Speed Racer mid-afternoon in a cushy Time Warner screening room?! Nice. It may be the movie of the summer. Visually arresting human cartoon craziness.
3) Excuse to eat spicy Chinese food — didn't work to bring on labor but I do love the stinky garlic broccoli at Empire Szechuan.
4) Download pop music and dance around the house nine-and-half-months pregnant. Sorry for the visual. Currently on the hit list: Duffy's "Mercy."
5) Start that fierce book you always dreamed about. Page one is pretty good, if I do say so myself.

The update: Baby Stewolff will join us by Friday, so the doctors tell me. Stay tuned.