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Mmmm? Guy Makes Food Art


Peas. Photograph by Zach Kowalczyk hide caption

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The difference between Me and Awesome: Me sees the way cranberry sauce takes on the shape of the can it came in and eats the cranberry sauce. Awesome sees the way cranberry sauce takes on the shape of the can it came in and makes it into art. Photographer Zach Kowalczyk is Awesome. Check out his Flickr photoset of food that takes the shape of its container.

Got in touch with Zach. He's working on his BFA in photography at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. He says, "I took this series of photographs as a look at what food has become in our society of convenience and instant gratification."



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Excellent photographs, but a sad commentary on our culture. I've heard two guidelines in recent years for healthier eating that I try to live by: don't buy anything with more than one ingredient, and don't buy anything your grandmother wouldn't recognize. It's surprisingly liberating.

On the other hand I'd gladly eat TV dinners for a year if I could shoot as well as Zach.

Sent by Dave Wiley | 12:13 PM | 4-18-2008