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ROFLCON: The Interneterati Arrive


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Greetings from ROFL Con, where the big names are filing in. Tron Guy had to instruct the many photographers taking his picture not to use flash, because it washes out his suit's awesomeness.

The Mozilla Firefox is shuffling around handing out apples. Some promotion about Firefox being 100% organic software. As far as I can tell it's just a human in a furry fox costume. I am not going to care about him unless he takes off his mask and it turns out to be Tay Zonday inside.

Near-disastrous celebrity encounter so far: Denny Blaze's dad dropped my iPhone. This reminds me of my grandfather's big brush with fame: he once slammed Senator Jay Rockefeller's hand in a car door. The iPhone is fine. And J-Rock is still in office.

I hung with Denny and his dad for a little while. Denny says he's been making music since the famous Average Homeboy video. I told him I wouldn't want to look back at anything I did twenty years ago. He says, "I have no regrets."



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it sounds liek madness! it also sounds liek plenty of non-memes showed up to become memes, that just sux. o well its the first roflcon, whatcha gunna do.

Sent by jurrel | 4:20 PM | 4-25-2008