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What is Vice President Cheney smiling about? David Bohrer/White House via AP hide caption

toggle caption David Bohrer/White House via AP

So much internet buzz over what's reflected in Vice President Dick Cheney's sunglasses. Some say it's a naked lady. A Cheney spokeswoman says it's just a fishing rod. I think it looks like a deformed turnip. What do you see in the VP's sunglasses?



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Oh puh-leeeez.

Sent by Nathan in Holland | 10:53 AM | 4-14-2008

It looked more like a topless guy to me... at least from the outset. :-)

Sent by Will G | 12:42 PM | 4-14-2008

These must be the same people who look for sunbathers on Google Earth.

Sent by Matthew Scallon | 2:06 PM | 4-14-2008

I see a slow news weekend

Sent by Joe | 2:34 PM | 4-14-2008

Who in their right mind would stand nude, that near to Uncle Dickie and with sharp fishing hooks?....heck, Harry Wittington wasn't even naked and he got shot full of holes. :o

Sent by Julie | 9:32 PM | 4-14-2008