The Dodos Perform at the BPP

The Dodos, a San Francisco-based band, stopped by the BPP studios in New York to play a couple tracks off their latest album, Visiter. Calling it "pop" music shortchanges its complexity, and calling it "moody" undersells its energy. So let's call it "clattering strummy noise-folk pop, with drive." Watch:



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'So let's call it "clattering strummy noise-folk pop, with drive."'

This is why fans of a band should not be allowed to assign it to a category. If the category is more than one word, you have failed in your categorization. As such, I feel compelled to label this band "indie".

Sent by Greg | 11:51 AM | 4-4-2008

What refreshing exciting new music, thank you!

Sent by lyla forest | 12:23 PM | 4-4-2008

Yeah, this is one of the most enjoyable music segments you guys have had in a while. I'd heard the name floating around, but they weren't really on my radar before now, and I am certainly intrigued.

Sent by Stewart | 1:45 PM | 4-4-2008

How about "good."

Sent by zing | 2:13 PM | 4-4-2008

FYI, has a few excellent MP3 downloads by The Dodos

Sent by calanan | 3:59 PM | 4-4-2008

Great performances. Looking forward to the Denver show. "Visiter" is a great album; I've been listening to it non-stop.

Sent by Jeff | 5:20 PM | 4-4-2008

This is an excellent band, thank you so much for putting it on NPR. Quite impressed.

Sent by Michelle | 7:44 PM | 4-5-2008

Boy, for all the fancy studio equipment NPR has, you'd think they could record the drums better. The drums are half of what makes this band great, and this recording comprises them to an embarrassing degree.

Sent by John | 9:04 PM | 4-5-2008

Swooooooooon....that mini-organ guy is so hot I can hardly stand it! Yummers!!!

Sent by Nance Vergens | 9:22 PM | 4-5-2008

Wonderfully refreshing, unique and welcoming??? a relaxing spice of tone that???s progressive.

Obviously intrigued, it???s going to be a fun band to ensue ??? looking forward to a follow up NPR???


Sent by Kyle | 11:45 AM | 4-7-2008

take it easy greg.

Sent by sal | 1:07 PM | 4-10-2008

My wife and I do an hour on the morning indie rock show on WBMR in Cambridge every year, as a pledge premium. We're going to be opening our set this year with "Red and Purple," a song neither of us had heard before this segment. Thanks for the tip, BPP!

Sent by Stewart | 3:47 PM | 4-13-2008


Sent by Marisa | 6:45 PM | 7-11-2008

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