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First Real Sign of Spring (Or: Bug-Eradication Tips?)

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We changed the clocks. The crocuses bloomed. Baseball season started. But somehow it didn't feel like spring . . . . Until yesterday. My wife and I had our first water bug of the season saunter through the kitchen last night. Ah, Mother Nature, how you bless us with your many creations.

For those who don't know, water bugs are big insects related to roaches. But bigger. At least the ones in Brooklyn are. They're about two inches long and one inch wide. I know some of you will call me soft for being disturbed by these harmless scamps. Others will call me inhumane for wanting to eradicate them from my life. You're entitled to your opinions. But you probably don't live in a bug-infested dystopia.

The exterminator comes once a month, to no avail. We lay out roach motels, and the bugs order room service. We put down boric acid, and they take it like a B-12 shot in the thorax.

So fair blog readers, I ask you: Got any good ideas? Does anyone have any tips for getting rid of water bugs and roaches that don't involve large quantities of chemicals?