The Fukang Meteorite


Marvin Killgore holds one thin slice of the Fukang Meteorite up to the sun. Image courtesy of Bonhams hide caption

toggle caption Image courtesy of Bonhams

Today's a big day for Marvin Killgore. If all goes as planned, the plumber-turned-meteorite hunter will see the most prized piece in his personal meteorite collection auctioned off at Bonham's for nearly $3 million. Six months ago a similar auction failed to find a buyer for two pricey meteorites. But Marvin says his space rock is different. It's special. It's the Fukang Meteorite, named after the town in China near where the meteorite was found. Marvin and his wife Kitty joined us on the BPP today. There's a pic of the whole meteorite after the jump...

Image courtesy of Bonhams



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My first thought when I heard about this auction was. "We're riding on a hunk of space rock. What's the big deal about a meteor?" But that is one very cool rock! I don't know if it's $3M cool, but it's definitely awesome.

Sent by Maura | 10:31 AM | 4-30-2008

Wow, that's Fukang huge! And to think it Fukang traveled here all the way from beyond the Fukang solar system. Certainly a better buy than one of those Fukang pieces of coprolite that are on the auction block too.

Sent by Brian | 11:45 AM | 4-30-2008

Bad news!

"In a setback to the global meteorite market, a 925-pound nickel-and-iron mass from space failed to sell today at a New York auction.

Bonhams New York had estimated that the meteorite, the top lot in its ``Natural History'' auction, would fetch $2.25 million to $2.75 million. The high bid over the telephone for the space debris, discovered in Fukang, China, in 2000, was $1.75 million."

Sent by Marc Naimark | 5:45 PM | 4-30-2008

The contrast between the reflected light photo and the slice with the sun behind it is stunning. Brian's comments were Fukang hilarious.

Sent by bppaddictomy | 8:05 PM | 4-30-2008

All is not lost. According to the Int'l Herald Tribune: "Smith said negotiations over the meteorite continued after the auction and that a deal could be struck in days." So maybe.

Sent by Tricia, NPR | 8:32 PM | 4-30-2008

I enjoyed the interview, but the photos of the rock are truly amazing. For some reason, Marvin Killgore reminds me of one of my favorite authors: Kurt Vonnegut.

Sent by April | 12:20 AM | 5-1-2008

Wow, that is one huge Fukang meteorite. I wonder how much that Fukang meteorite will go for.

Wouldn't it be great to have that Fukang meteorite? Imagine having a Fukang meteorite on your desk, you could say, "Hey! Look at my Fukang meteorite!" And to the kids you'd say, "You can look but don't touch my Fukang meteorite!"

Sent by Mitur Binesderty | 1:23 PM | 5-7-2008

We are serching for more. Hopefully, we can find more. ask for photos

Sent by Chinameteorite | 10:23 PM | 5-11-2008

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