Election 2008

We Told You It Was Coming

Sen. Hillary Clinton will appear on ELLEN this Monday to discuss gay rights.

Check out our discussion from earlier this week about Democrats courting the gay vote.



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"You know, boys used to say that to me all the time," the former first lady said."

I'm tired of her playing that. People are not against her because she is a woman, people are against her because she is an idiot.

So Hillary is going to go on Ellen's show; Ellen who time and time again declared she isn't a queer rights activist and doesn't want to be one...

Well, that's certainly a safe way to approach the gay community. With talking with someone who at one point could have made bold changes, but instead decided to waste a career yapping with celebrities and dancing to 80s music.

Hillary doesn't care about the queer community; she cares about our votes. (The same is true for Obama.)

Sent by Brian | 4:28 AM | 4-5-2008

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