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Who Should Play Rove, Rumsfeld and Cheney?

In today's "Ramble," we mentioned that Thandie Newton had been tapped to play Condoleezza Rice in Oliver Stone's new movie W. Still to be cast are adviser Karl Rove, former defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld and Vice President Dick Cheney—any thoughts?



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Philip Seymour Hoffman, Leslie Nielson and Kyle Gass from Tenacious D, respectively.

Sent by Stewart | 1:41 PM | 4-7-2008

By the same logic that casts Thandie Newton as Condoleezza Rice, Karl Rove should be played by Jude Law, Donald Rumsfeld would be George Clooney, and Dick Cheney is Daniel Craig.

I know W is already cast, but it should be (by the Thandie Newton formula) Keanu Reeves.

That's a movie I'd pay $8 for.

Sent by Maura | 1:49 PM | 4-7-2008

Maura---you are a crackup!

Rumsfeld....I'm thinking Harrison Ford with little glasses and slicked back hair.
PSHoffman could go Rovian or Cheney like....

Although we thought Ed Asner might make a really good VP.

Ian has a GREAT call on Rumsfeld I won't steal his thunder

Sent by Alison Stewart-NPR | 2:08 PM | 4-7-2008

I'm going take this in a different direction:

rove: Ricky Gervais
rumsfeld: Chevy Chase
chenney: Robin Williams

and while I'm at it, ditch Thandie

rice: Wanda Sykes

It may not be the biopic folks are looking for, but at least it won't be too depressing to watch.

Sent by Dave Wiley | 2:59 PM | 4-7-2008

Forget about the movie. What bothers me about today's "Ramble" is how both of you laughed over a woman stabbing her husband.

Since when is domestic violence funny? My pastor, as a Navy chaplain, used to counsel Marines whose wives continually abuse them. These were big muscular men who had seen real combat crying like babies because their wives won't stop hurting them.

Have you stopped laughing yet, Alison and Rachel, or have given you more material? It's because of chauvenist sows like you that make it so difficult male victims of domestic violence to come forward.

Domestic violence is never --and I mean EVER-- a luaghing matter.

Sent by Matthew Scallon | 3:08 PM | 4-7-2008

Matthew Scallon and righteous indignation go together like chocolate and peanut butter.

Sent by Greg | 4:19 PM | 4-7-2008

And you think that somehow makes it okay for you to call them sows. That pretty much says it all about your argument, Matthew.

Sent by Stewart | 6:09 PM | 4-7-2008

No Matthew, domestic abuse is not a laughing matter on any level. We like hearing from our listeners but if you could refrain from name calling, it would be appreciated.

Sent by Alison Stewart-NPR | 6:39 PM | 4-7-2008

Dear Stewart,

I thought of that, too, after I calmed down from my "righteous indignation," to quote Greg (I just got a whole big box of Reese's from Costco; what are you saying?).

I did have a pang of conscious, but then I thought, "No, a sow is a female pig. Chauvenist pig is completely acceptable term for someone with sexist leanings. And, finally, is there another species of the mammalian family more preferable?" I could finish that thought, but I prefer not to call women that word, no matter how sexist they might be.

So, yes, I did later think that the sow may have been harsh, but, to quote Flannery O'Connor, "First, you have to get their attention."

Sent by Matthew Scallon | 7:09 PM | 4-7-2008

Dear Alison,

I guess that was an apology, and I accept it. In turn, I apologize for calling you and Rachel sows.

Sent by Matthew Scallon | 7:24 PM | 4-7-2008

personally, i wish oliver stone would wait until i was dead before making a movie that would make me want to barf...and at that point we may both be dead but at least he would have saved a lot of messy clean up!!!

Sent by jan | 7:54 PM | 4-7-2008

No matter what the director intends, W will come out to be a surrealist horror film.

So... All three people should be portrayed by a single actor. It shouldn't be a celebrity, just an old white guy who can act semi-decently. He wouldn't bother to change voices to sound like Rove, Rummy or Cheney. Nor would he alter styles of movement for the different characters either. The only way to tell them apart would be different suits and through the context of what they are doing on screen.

And at random points in the movie the actor would play his scenes non-nonchalantly, yet wearing a carved and painted death/demon mask.

Gov. Arnold S. needs to be in the movie somehow, playing himself of course.

Sent by Brian | 8:59 PM | 4-7-2008

"I did have a pang of conscious"

It would be the first I've seen you exhibit so far in your time as the blog's resident troll.

Oh, wait, did you mean "conscience" and not "consciousness"? Never mind, then.

Sent by Stewart | 11:26 PM | 4-7-2008

oops, sorry...must have been over the top...beyond appropriate it.

Sent by jan | 8:53 AM | 4-8-2008

HA! Brian's idea cracks me up. In that trio of roles, I see William Shatner. Oooo! Or Adam West. Awesome :: nods ::

Sent by Sarah Lee | 11:05 AM | 4-8-2008

Dear Stewart,

You criticize me for my name calling, and then call me a troll. OK. I guess name-calling is bad when done by me but not when done by thee. I was paying attention to Alison's entry, were you?

As far as my spelling, you're probably right. I've never claimed that I don't need an editor. I'm marginally dyslexic, sounding out words through a Chicago accent. Sometimes, it doesn't come out right.

Sent by Matthew Scallon | 12:32 PM | 4-8-2008

@Stewart and @Matthew Scallon: As my kin used to say when the screen door slammed shut, "Now, now, there's enough love here for everybody." Time to play nice, OK?

Sent by Laura Conaway, NPR | 12:51 PM | 4-8-2008

Matthew: It was the sexism I didn't care for. Name-calling doesn't bother me.

Sent by Stewart | 12:56 PM | 4-8-2008

Laura Conway,

When I logged onto the show today, I was surprised to find out that Stewart and I were going back forth from another thread and have extended it to here.

I can't speak for Stewart --nor would I want to-- but I didn't put the two threads and didn't equat Stewart here with Stewart there. "Stewart," after all, is a rather common name.

I got nothing but love for Stewart. I've said my mea culpa already.

Sent by Matthew Scallon | 1:05 PM | 4-8-2008

@Matthew Scallon and @Stewart, I just like having the two of you around. Earlier today, someone said you guys are all working it out. And I agree.

Sent by Laura Conaway, NPR | 2:18 PM | 4-8-2008


First of all, now that Laura's explained which Stewart you are, hello.

I didn't see where the sexism lies in using gender-appropriate allusions, especially since the point of my original "severe left turn" was the apparently sexist light-heartedness over domestic violence. From the on-air response to the word, it had a stronger effect than I had intended. It seemed to strike them on a personal level, something my Midwestern upbringing is embarassed at causing.

So, count this as the second pang of however-you-spell-that-word you've seen on this blog, and I am deeply sorry for offending. I obviously used the verbal equivalent of a Sherman tank gunner to swat a fly. I hope this puts this issue to rest.

Sent by Matthew Scallon | 3:37 PM | 4-8-2008

It's already forgotten round here, Matthew. Don't worry about it.

Sent by Stewart | 5:38 PM | 4-8-2008

Who should play Cheney? Sir Anthony Hopkins! Evil, Diabolical, likes to eat and/or control the brains of his victims and/or constituents. Polish up on your sneer and shotgun skills, Sir Hopkins!

Sent by Paul Stankowski | 1:38 AM | 5-9-2008