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"You Are All Pieces of Garbage"

On the show today, you may have caught the debut performance of the Bryant Park Project Players. It all started when we found some pages leaked on the internet supposedly from the upcoming Oliver Stone biopic about President George W. Bush. We don't know if the script is real, but we really hope it isn't.
I think it's fair to say that we're pretty horrible actors, so it's good that we pre-taped it. But we wanted to share this outtake with you: It's Rachel playing one of Bush's fraternity brothers at Yale. It took a while to get the line right, but we think it may be the next "I drink your milkshake."




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Rachel, your Sylvester Stallone impression is impeccable. I'm not sure what to think of Win's impression of John Stewart doing a George W Bush impression, though.

Sent by kevsmirk | 4:02 PM | 4-11-2008

wow! i thought it was Cher! you are certainly versatile!

Sent by jan | 6:41 PM | 4-11-2008

I thought I was ripping off Dana Carvey's Perot...

Sent by Win Rosenfeld -- NPR | 9:33 AM | 4-12-2008

That was brilliant! Encore!!

Sent by Susie | 11:39 AM | 4-12-2008

wow, that was great!

Sent by dave | 7:30 PM | 4-12-2008

Sure, it's funny the first 5 or 6 times. After that, kind of annoying. One wonders, will I ever get to hear the next line? Alas, no. All that waiting for nothing.

Sent by Anne | 10:56 AM | 4-13-2008

weekly installment of the Bryant Park Players, please!

Sent by Kristen | 9:41 AM | 4-14-2008

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