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Maternity Leave

Alison Delivers .... a Blistering Memo

Okay, my maternity leave has now turned political.

I, a person who has insurance, an amazing doctor, a couple of brain cells that work and enough confidence to question the system, have experienced in the past 16 hours our broken medical system at one of the best hospitals in the country.

I got caught up in an overcrowded, understaffed hospital which led a night-long cycle of being checked in, checked out, checked in, checked out. IV in, IV out. Let's just say what was supposed to happen didn't.

Without divulging too much of my own personal information, I'll just say I've been thinking all morning about how much time TV and radio, as well as the campaigns, have wasted on trivial issues when people are struggling just to get basics like food, housing and health care.

No baby yet. All is well, but I am back at home.