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Maternity Leave

Alison Delivers .... a Blistering Memo

Okay, my maternity leave has now turned political.

I, a person who has insurance, an amazing doctor, a couple of brain cells that work and enough confidence to question the system, have experienced in the past 16 hours our broken medical system at one of the best hospitals in the country.

I got caught up in an overcrowded, understaffed hospital which led a night-long cycle of being checked in, checked out, checked in, checked out. IV in, IV out. Let's just say what was supposed to happen didn't.

Without divulging too much of my own personal information, I'll just say I've been thinking all morning about how much time TV and radio, as well as the campaigns, have wasted on trivial issues when people are struggling just to get basics like food, housing and health care.

No baby yet. All is well, but I am back at home.



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for you to have written this, must truly mean you had an outrageous experience...and i completely agree that we must discard the trivial and keep bringing those in power or wish to be in power back to what's most important for our society...of course, the media must also play a role here...i hope all is well with you and that you have no more "agita"...

Sent by jan | 4:40 PM | 5-2-2008

I have had some horrible experiences in ER's in my past as well. Engaged and was told my fiance, who lived with me and was my only family in town, couldn't come back with me. And me drugged up had to remember new directions on new drugs that they were giving me. Doctors who do tons of tests and then tell you exactly nothing. The worst is when after everything is done they say you need to see you regular doctor. Doctor's are suppose to care about the patients, not the bottom line. It seems more often than not that is what ER's are all about.

@Alison- Here's hoping your bundle of joy comes this weekend.

Sent by Joshua | 5:08 PM | 5-2-2008

we have an Alison BBP Baby countdown in the office here in gorgeous Bryant park, NYC. Good luck with the baby! Be nice to Mark, he has to get used to this new baby thing.

Sent by Apala | 5:23 PM | 5-2-2008

Thanks for the kind words.
I really just became so angry when I think about all the time wasted debating about big mouth preachers or whether a candidate can drink shots...when there are serious issues like health care to be discussed.

We are lucky because we have a GREAT doctor we can afford who navigated a bad scene for us. There were a lot of people there who didn't have an advocate and were stuck. I really felt for them.

Sent by Alison, NPR | 7:44 PM | 5-2-2008

Sorry to hear you had to go through that Alison. Sounds about as chaotic and traumatic as today's segment about Iron Man. Ziiiing!

Sent by Rikki Flores | 8:59 PM | 5-2-2008

I have very good health care plan, thanks to my federal job on the US territory (read: colony) of Puerto Rico. This affords me excellent coverage for less than 1/4 of what I pay for gas weekly. I loathe, however, how the health care system works, which is why I try to avoid ever going to the doctor. Lucky for me, I do not have any medical issues that need attention.

Recently, my body started expressing its love for allergy season via my eyes. I have to wait a month before I can see a specialist! I could look up other doctors in the network, but I don't want to jump from one office to another, creating new records; I want regularity. As much as I detest the long waits in between appointments and the long waits at the office, I would at least like to attempt establishing a relationship with the doctors.

Sent by Addis | 11:14 PM | 5-2-2008

Alison, wondering if this will be discussed on Monday's show. Not to exploit your PERSONAL experience, but to stress that it doesn't matter 'who you are,' the system is broken! Hoping your weekend has calmed down and that your beautiful gift will arrive amidst gentle and peaceful circumstances. Best...and sending huge good vibes for baby from sunny Cali.

Sent by Marilyn | 3:26 PM | 5-3-2008

Alison et al, Do you know 'Jesus de Montr??al', the film by Denys Arcand? The same director dealt again with the Qu??bec hospital system in 'Les Invasions barbares' (Barbarian Invasions?)...

Sent by Marc Naimark | 5:25 PM | 5-4-2008