Coming Soon: An Update on Our Pet Bat : The Bryant Park Project On Thursday's show, an update on NPR's pet bat, Bat Mitzvah.
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Coming Soon: An Update on Our Pet Bat

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Bill Chappell

Some of you might remember Bat Mitzvah, the little bat we found wedged into the side of a building near NPR this past winter. It was a silver-haired bat, and it turned out to need help to survive.

We're planning an update on the bat Thursday, with all kinds of good stuff.

But for now, let me ask you: Have you ever been really lost — so turned around that you couldn't trust your sense of direction to set you straight? The kind of lost where asking the locals only makes things worse?

That's what happened to me when I tried to ride my bike the 19 (theoretical) miles from NPR to Bat World NOVA, to check in on the bat and visit with Leslie Sturges, who runs the bat-rehab operation.

It turns out there isn't a good bike route to get there, which means I took to underpasses, overpasses, highways (even a pike, briefly!) and other generally stupid places to ride a bike.

By the time I got out there, I could totally identify with the bats who have lost their way in this world and relied on Leslie to get them back on track.

As for the ride back into town, I took a route not available to most bats: the subway.