Gallery: From the Zone -- the Twilight of My Youth : The Bryant Park Project Slideshow of a freaky show gone graphic.
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Gallery: From the Zone — the Twilight of My Youth

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Savannah College of Art and Design

OK, I admit it. I was watching TV at work. Well, actually, I was legitimately looking something up on the CBS site when I discovered that you can watch full episodes of their classic TV shows. The first one to catch my eye: the Twilight Zone. And it was all over.

Memories came flooding back, transporting me to another dimension . . . also known as 1983. Picture if you will a 9-year-old girl. An innocent scene of a young girl and her big sister, crossed-legged on the floor of their grandmother's house, an oversized, mustard-colored velveteen pillow their only shield from the black-and-white images of creepiness on the screen. God, I loved the TZ marathons on KTLA 5! And there was chocolate milk and Wonder bread, too.

So anyways, I'm watching TV at work, thinking back to the good old days when I realize an hour's gone by and. . . I'm still watching TV at work. Quick, think of an excuse before anyone notices! I'm doing research, yeah, research. On what? Uhhh. Quick, Google News "Twilight Zone" and see if by a long shot there's actually some TZ news. What's this? There is! I found this little item about the Zone going 'zine . . . well, graphic novel, anyway.

Cool story found and reputation as serious journalist restored, I booked today's story on the cool folks of the Savannah College of Art and Design bringing Serling's original scripts to a new generation.

Check out the slide show for a sneak peek at the first two books. They'll be published by Walker & Co. in the US this October, and by Bloomsbury in the UK starting January 2009, just in time for the 50th anniversary of TZ's first TV episode. Break out the chocolate milk and Wonder bread!