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Linkfest: Biofuels Are Good for You. Or Not.

The unsettling spike in global fuel prices prompted a U.N. official to speak out recently against biofuels like ethanol, which is made from corn. Jean Ziegler told the world, "Burning food today, so as to serve the mobility of the rich countries, is a crime against humanity."

Which remark much offended the leaders of Brazil, the world's largest producer of biofuels. "The real crime against humanity is discounting biofuels a priori," said President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

It's the Most.

Iron Man vs. various nefarious ferrous adversaries/ Marathon runner takes down a thief/ Brazil's counterattack on biofuels/ People of Lesbos take gay group to court over term "Lesbian"/ Bush lauds Super Bowl champion New York Giants



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I heard this story this morning and found a big component missing. At least it needs a part 2. What about Corn Syrup. The corn industry has been supported in putting this product in everything. Corn syrup could be eliminated and redirected into ethanol, rather than affecting America's diet problem which could be becuase of Corn Syrup. Two problems in one. We need more stories that get even a bigger picture to people. Not everyone can think this way. I need more of this in my news and for news to evolve. Thank You for bringing up the story.

Sent by Angelique Swingle | 6:34 AM | 5-2-2008

Ian (?) is almost correct; Mike is wrong. Mark LaLibert?? means "Mark Freedom". But this guy does spell his name Laliberte not La Libert??, so who knows...

Sent by Marc Naimark in Paris | 3:08 AM | 5-3-2008

I can't believe you didn't bring up the Iron Man, Cal Ripken Jr., as another nefarious ferrous adversary!!!! He is the only Iron Man for me.

Sent by Summer Ash | 9:57 PM | 5-5-2008