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Linkfest: In Dire Indicator, Spam Sales Rise

The government says food prices are rising at just over 6 percent a year. And guess what else is up? Annual sales of Spam — by nine percent in the last six months over last year's totals.

It's the Ramble.

Sales of Spam rise as consumers trim spending/ Sharon Stone "deeply sorry" for karma remarks regarding quake/ Pisa's leaning tower "stabilised"/ NASA puts rush order on space toilet fix/ National Spelling Bee favorites are friendly rivals



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The Defenestration of Prague, Pesca, check it out. ;)

Sent by Matthew | 12:40 PM | 5-29-2008

Dang right, Rachel. "Cringe humor" is crap, and another example of how we're all becoming more a-holish every day.

(I didn't know where else to put this comment, sorry)

Sent by jw | 9:05 PM | 5-29-2008

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