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Linkfest: The PBR Coffin. For Reals.

One man, in South Chicago Heights, designed himself a coffin that looks like a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, while another, in Denver, wants a city commission to prepare for an influx of space aliens.

Hard to say more when it's already the Most.

"Water Monster's" Ancient artifact or modern graffiti?/ Man asks court to change his name to "In God We Trust"/ Study: Anti-psychotic drug use soars among U.S. and U.K. kids/ Illinois man designs beer can coffin/ Man pushes creation of panel to prepare city for space aliens



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I think the most morbid part of the beer can casket story is that he had a party, filled the dang thing up with ice and beer. Wowza.

Sent by Sarah Lee | 12:20 PM | 5-5-2008

And today, there's a PBR ad (Support for NPR is provided by...) on your homepage.

Sent by Owen | 5:42 AM | 5-6-2008

I am going to try for an Old English 800 bottle myself...

Sent by Kelly Hendrickson | 11:47 PM | 5-6-2008