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Lunchtime Laugh-In in Memory of Dick Martin

Dick Martin of "Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In" passed away over the weekend at age 86.

Martin was the comic half of the title comedy duo—the other being straight man Dan Rowan. (Want to know the difference between comic and straight man? Look it up in your Funk and Wagnalls.)

Although I am not of the generation for whom "Laugh-In" was made, as a lover of comedy, especially anything that has ties (however tenuous) to vaudeville, I have been a fan of the show forever. As a kid I was more interested in the zany characters like Ruth Buzzi's little old lady with the hairnet or any of Lily Tomlin's creations from Edith Ann to the telephone operator, than of Rowan and Martin themselves. But of course now I get the two mcs nattily dressed in tuxedos, carrying drinks and cigarettes as they kept the weirdness moving along. Or did I imagine the drinks and cigarettes? They made it seem like that kind of a party.

Coincidentally, yesterday I was surfing through youtube looking for Danny Kaye routines (see? the comedy thing again!), when I stumbled upon his brief appearance on "Laugh-In." And that started me down an hour or so journey laughing at "Laugh-In" clips. All before I heard about Dick Martin's death. Here, then, for your luncheonette pleasure today, is one of my favorites of yesterday's discoveries, in memory of Dick Martin.