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This makes my OMG hurt.

From "Sleeper Hits of the Internet" at ROFLCon. As I post this, it has but 30,669 views. Fifteen of those are mine.



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I'm with you on this one... hi-freakin-larious.

Sent by Sarah Lee | 8:46 AM | 5-1-2008


Sent by Dave Wiley | 9:30 AM | 5-1-2008

that was terrifying...

Sent by m.rawlins | 11:03 AM | 5-1-2008

I'm with m.rawlins on this one.

Sent by Maiken Huntsman | 2:21 PM | 5-1-2008

What the WHAT?! And "Designing Women" of all shows. I can't wait to see what they do with "Riptide."

Sent by Dan M | 4:32 PM | 5-1-2008

Dan M- no Riptide that I can find. But the Doogie Howser is amazing, if more subtle than ol' googly eyes.

Sent by Ian Chillag, NPR | 8:27 AM | 5-2-2008