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The Most, 05.19.08

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Students' photos altered in McKinney yearbook/ Yearbook producer apologies, tries to make amends/ Researchers teach "Second Life" avatar to think/ A Push for Prince George's County to Impeach Pear Tree/ Kenny Chesney is right! ACMs ain't the Country Folks' Choice Awards!/ Royals sell wedding exclusive for $1 million



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@Rachel's tshirt problem

Speaking as a tall, skinny guy who usually wears extra-large tshirts I would suggest always erring on the large side. A shirt that's too small is unwearable. Fabric stretched tight across rippling muscle may be a good look, but not fabric stretched tight across knobbly bone. Plus a too-small tshirt is hard to keep tucked in and may leave the belly button exposed for public ridicule.

Sent by Dave Wiley | 11:24 AM | 5-19-2008

i would suggest that even if dan said "pass the salt, please" would sound fabulously interesting and important!

Sent by jan | 5:52 PM | 5-19-2008

The yearbook thing is amusing becuase a lot of yearbook photos are altered anyway. People often go in with overly styled hair, or overly formal or trendy clothes, so the photo doesn't really reflect the average appearance of the person. Then secondly, photo companies very very very often airbrush out even minute acne, giving students impossible perfect skin.

I don't have any yearbooks. Yearbook photos look creepy. And also because personal photos I took, or people I know took, more honestly reflect me and others during highschool.


The people of Prince George's County shouldn't cast votes for the Eucalyptus. No offense to the tree, but its a pest. Asides from being non-native, it can be too successful and take over. Maryland's got a different climate of course, but in California, Eucalyptus trees are loathed particularly because they are a fire hazard due to the tree's oils and litter.

Sent by Brian | 2:43 AM | 5-20-2008