Inside The BPP

Welcome, Little (Big?) Isaac Stewart Wolff

From executive producer Sharon Hoffman, to everyone in the known world:

...Introducing the very first Bryant Park baby.

Everyone's healthy and happy.



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Congratulations Alison and Bill!!

Sent by Susie | 8:03 AM | 5-6-2008

Congrats to Alison, Bill and welcome to Isaac! Glad to hear everyone is doing well.

Sent by G | 8:13 AM | 5-6-2008

Congrats to the proud parents!

Sent by Steve Petersen | 8:27 AM | 5-6-2008

Congrats! How exciting!! :D

Sent by nightmarerhippiegirl | 9:38 AM | 5-6-2008

Yay, congratulations!

Sent by eliz.s. (@elizs) | 9:54 AM | 5-6-2008

Congratulations Bill and Allison!

And Isaac - welcome to Redbird nation. We've been saving you a seat.

Sent by kevsmirk | 10:23 AM | 5-6-2008

Congrats to the new parents! Yay!

Sent by Natasha | 10:35 AM | 5-6-2008

That's great news.

Sent by Rachel | 10:53 AM | 5-6-2008

Congrats to the Wolffs!!!!!!!

Sent by Apala | 10:54 AM | 5-6-2008

brilliant!! 8lbs 6 oz is the perfect size...

Sent by m.rawlins | 11:42 AM | 5-6-2008

Congrats!Radio. Sports. Great DNA.

Sent by David Hollis, Hamilton, NY | 12:11 PM | 5-6-2008

Congratulations!!! Such good news.

Sent by robin | 12:51 PM | 5-6-2008

Congratulations! What exciting news. I hope all members of family are doing well.

Sent by Lisa S. | 1:01 PM | 5-6-2008

Congratulations Alison and Bill on the birth of baby Isaac - fantastic news! Hope you are all doing well - having a baby is the start of a great adventure. Very best wishes from Stephen in London

Sent by Stephen Moran | 1:29 PM | 5-6-2008

how lovely...mazel tov....and since you stressed the notion of "first" bppbaby...are y'All planning a baseball team!

Sent by jan | 2:41 PM | 5-6-2008

Welcome Isaac! You have a great birthday 05-05. It's both Cinco de Mayo and Boys' Day in Japan. You also share your birthday with my twin daughters and my boss' daughter who all turned 3 years yesterday (05-05-05).

As we say in Hawaii, Hau'oli la Hanau (Happy Birthday)

Sent by Sandy, Honolulu, HI | 3:59 PM | 5-6-2008

As we say in France, meilleurs voeux to the new parents, and bienvenue to le petit Isaac!

Sent by Marc Naimark in Paris | 6:04 PM | 5-6-2008

Welcome baby Wolff and congratulations

Sent by Matthew Aiken | 8:58 PM | 5-6-2008

Congrats to Alison and Bill. Welcome to the world Isaac!

Sent by Charlie in Honolulu | 10:52 PM | 5-6-2008

As we say in Espa??ol: Felicidades a los Wolff! Estamos muy felices por uds.

Sent by La Petunia | 3:16 AM | 5-7-2008

Welcome to the world little Isaac! You have the two coolest parents in the world.

Sent by Julie in North Carolina | 8:22 AM | 5-7-2008

Congrats on your new little man!

Sent by JennM | 11:14 AM | 5-7-2008

Congratulations indeed!

Though naturally, I would prefer to see those first and middle names reversed. There's not enough of us Stewart-as-first-namers out there.

Sent by Stewart | 12:57 PM | 5-7-2008

This is wonderful news. Congratulations to Alison & Bill.

Sent by Patrick Mackin | 6:12 PM | 5-18-2008