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We'll Take One Order of Shame. With a Side of Fried Pickles.



The BPP ordered BBQ for lunch today. hide caption

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Shame? For sure! And how about some guilt and nagging to go with that?! Someone had to deliver that food to you. There's some fuel use. And meat, oh dear Lord. Meat is right up there with Hummers for excess greenhouse emissions. Just look at the plastic containers! Please tell me at the very least that you recycled the plastic.

So, um, if you're not going to finish those ribs, can I have some?

Sent by Dave Wiley | 2:53 PM | 5-16-2008

meat bad. hummers bad. plastic bad but recyclable. me vegetarian. you try? be happy. drink beer. yes?

Sent by jan | 4:29 PM | 5-16-2008

Oh see, now that's just cruel temptation. I've been so good lately, but after seeing that I don't think I'll be able to resist swinging by Georgia's on Eldridge to pick up some sweet succulent BBQ chicken on my way home. :p

Sent by CheshireKatz | 4:31 PM | 5-16-2008

I had fried pickles back in 2004 when I took a trip to Tennessee. It was amazing.

Sent by Michael | 12:19 AM | 5-17-2008