Tortellini with Lemon Juice and Oil, 05.11.08 : The Bryant Park Project What I made for dinner: tortellini with lemon juice and oil.
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Tortellini with Lemon Juice and Oil, 05.11.08

I honestly haven't cooked at all for weeks and weeks and weeks. A combo of being busy with work plus decent weather outside means that by the time my kid and I come in from playing in the park, it's too late to make a decent meal.

So yesterday, I finally made something. Yes, I know it was mother's day and technically my husband should have cooked, but he did offer and I said I would handle it while he took the dog to the dog park.

Here's what I made (basically ripping off a recipe my husband invented for us a few months ago):

Tortellini with a lemony, olive oil dressing

Here's what you need:

Package of tortellini with cheese
Olive oil
Lemon Juice
a package of Emeril seasoning (I think it was "original essence")
Some chopped tomatoes from Parmalat
I don't really have to tell you there's boiling water involved, do I?

Here's how you make it:

Boil some water.
Throw in some tortellini
After it boils (8 or 9 minutes), drain into a colander. Do NOT do what I did and dump half of the tortellini in the sink.
If you DO dump half the tortellini in the sink, do not shriek. Shrieking just makes everybody tense.
Put some olive oil in the tortellini. I have no idea how much. Feel it out.
Throw some lemon juice on the tortellini. Again, feel it out.
BAM! some Emeril spices from a little paper pack you find in the cupboard—provenance unknown. Do spices go bad?
Throw in some chopped tomatoes.
Stir it up.
Chow down.

Husband and I both liked it. Kid ended up gagging and eating a hot dog.