NPR logo Woody Allen + Ringtone + Baby Duck = Cuteness Overload?


Woody Allen + Ringtone + Baby Duck = Cuteness Overload?

My colleague Zena and I have been talking about maybe doing some kind of a story on Woody Allen's jazz band. In case you didn't know he has been playing clarinet in a New Orleans-style jazz band for decades. They play pretty much every Monday night at the Cafe Carlyle in New York City.

So while we were noodling around for an angle, we checked out the website of one of the band's members. And there we found a blog entry about a new ringtone he created — the theme from the "Wonder Pets."

If you are not a small child or the parent of one, you have probably never heard of the Wonder Pets and you have no idea why they would make an awesome ringtone. Let me set it up for you. Every day after the little kids leave the preschool where they live, Linny the Guinea Pig, Tuck the Turtle and Ming Ming the Duckling get a phone call from an animal in trouble and they spring into action. Here's a clip for your lunchtime viewing:



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Is there a post about the drunk driving/interlock interview? I am streaming now and am totally interested in how Mike is making Longwell squirm... She doesn't seem to have good answers for his questions and statistics! This could make for a good discussion for this online community (as opposed to the Wonder pets....)

Sent by Christine | 2:53 PM | 5-8-2008

Banana Phone is also an awesome song to have as a ring tone. The fast version is better.

I, too, was floored by Mike making the individual in the drunk driving interview seem like she knew nothing. It was so awesome. Usually it seems like the people you have on the show have the same opinion as the interviewer so it's not like they're playing devil's advocate to prove them wrong. Oh man, I almost felt bad for her this morning.

Sent by Sarah Lee | 8:58 PM | 5-8-2008

they're wasting so much time! isn't anyone else worried about those poor birds while the wonder pets dance around chattering about teamwork?

Sent by drew | 10:31 AM | 5-9-2008

i don't understand...what part of this would be the ringtone?

And why didn't the restaurant lady and the MADD guy get to talk to each other and actually respond to charges?

Sent by m.rawlins | 11:07 PM | 5-9-2008