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Alanis Morissette Plays the BPP

Alanis Morissette dropped by the BPP yesterday to chat about her latest album, Flavors of Entanglement. She calls the new record her most mature yet, and on it, she explores themes both personal and political. Morissette incorporates new electronic elements and collaborations that manage to really push the envelope creatively all while staying true to the voice behind Jagged Little Pill.

Here's "Incomplete":

Bonus: Check out "Underneath" after the jump.



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That was a great song. And her smile. Ahh. That smile was exactly what I needed today.

Sent by Dave Wiley | 11:21 AM | 6-12-2008

I haven't heard a lot of songs that I can relate to lately, but this... man, my heart needed this!

Sent by Natasha | 11:56 AM | 6-12-2008

She's amazing. I'm so glad you have this on video. Thank you.

Sent by Katie | 1:22 PM | 6-12-2008

Thanks so much for having her on! Have you all seen her spoof of Fergie's "My Humps" on youtube?! It's hilarious and actually pretty genius. You all should link to it.

Sent by Michael Wood | 2:53 PM | 6-12-2008

Absolutely unreal. These two videos have made me so happy. Thank you.

Sent by Ted | 5:15 AM | 7-11-2008