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BPP Picture Show: Rap Battle

Here's the thing about freestyle rapping: It's very difficult. That said, there are very few pleasures as potent as the one experienced when turning a well-crafted rhyme "off the dome." Sadly for me, it happens barely once or twice a year, and it's usually in front of my small group of just-barely-tolerant, but nonetheless seated on my couch, eating my Doritos, and thus completely captivated, friends. In those moments, my mouth is on autopilot and it can form rhymes like "One thing life taught me/ was to speak softly when/ havin' coffee with a Jabberwocky." OK — that only happened once. Usually, it's more like: "What? What? I'm relevant, I like elephants, I eat halibut." You get the idea.

Anyway, a couple of Fridays ago, I was working in my office when (Producer) Ian (Chillag) popped his head in and asked me if we wanted to do a video on the rapper that was coming into the studio. Swamped but clearly momentarily deranged, I replied (half-jokingly) "No, but I'll battle that guy." Ian, being the broadcasting genius he is, replied: "Awesome. I'll set it up." In retrospect, what he probably meant was, "Awesome, You are a sucker."

What I didn't understand was that the guy I was to go lyrically toe-to-toe with was none other than the MC/artist/poet/social critic and all-around nice guy, Doseone aka Adam Drucker, from the group Subtle. Doseone is a very accomplished freestyler and a brilliant wordsmith who reportedly battled Eminem and won. Drucker put me in my place in a big way, and here's the proof:



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Win! You're going to hurt somebody with those arms.

Sent by erica | 5:48 PM | 6-6-2008

You sure do have some cute producers over there. Gutsy too, it seems!

Sent by LaurenP | 6:33 PM | 6-6-2008

HOLY S***! its doseone from anticon. i used to get high and listen to his records. now i just get high. maybe i will steal some of his new stuff off the internet.
uhhhh. what's with the creepy BPP producer groupies?

Sent by shawn | 7:14 PM | 6-6-2008

Win, you got served, but you got nerve.

Sent by Sarah Goodyear | 9:40 PM | 6-6-2008

Dose is my homie from Ohio. Gotta laugh when I hear you call him a genius. I remember him walking the halls of our high school with some big ass headphones on sagging his jeans. He's all wearing white framed glasses now - awesome. Good work Adam - keep going. (He is a rather smart human.)

Sent by Think Horwitz | 3:46 PM | 6-7-2008

Oh ho ho! What's this?! A freestyle battle on BPP? Maybe they thought it was necessary? I will not argue, I will agree. And add my two cents, I shall proceed. Never heard of this dude named Doseone. But his rhymes were slick, clever, and fun. Metaphors pounded like a lion to dead meat. And wait, was that also tribute to Red Heat? Almost made me hop out of my seat. Thinkin that precision from hip-hop was gone, but we bring it back and persevere like Daniel-san.

Sent by LeoWins1 | 6:22 PM | 6-7-2008

I actually am sweating the hot producers nerdcore flow!

Sent by crystaal | 12:27 PM | 6-8-2008