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Today on the show, we talked to Frank Warren, the founder of PostSecret. Warren's been collecting anonymous secrets on homemade postcards since 2004. Since then, he has turned these confessions into a traveling exhibition, a website, and several books.

If you want to send Frank your secret, mail a 4-by-6-inch postcard to:

13345 Cooper Ridge Rd
Germantown, MD 20874-3454



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Talk about a blast from the past, I recall someone sending me this website a couple years back - I scrolled through all 10 pages or so. An interesting project, good to see it's still kicking around...even if quite a few of them were disturbing and/or creative.

Sent by Leigh Cutler | 12:33 PM | 6-18-2008

I check Post Secret every Sunday--when the new secrets are loaded--over breakfast. It's my little weekly ritual.

Sent by Oatmeal Cookie Guy | 2:21 PM | 6-18-2008

As a postal employee and fan of all things postal, I can testify to the slew of things sent in the mail: live fowl, crickets and worms, car tires, car bumbers, car seats, coconuts, empty dog kennels, and a wheelchair. During rush seasons (such as Christmas or Mother's Day), people write on their packages message to the carriers: "Merry Christmas to the mailman who handles this package."

Sent by Addis | 6:05 PM | 6-18-2008