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Journey: The Video Game(s)!?!

I loved the piece Dan did today, yet I still hate Journey. I'm not going to go into detail here, as that would just invite a brutal public flaying in the comments. Consider the white flag waved.

What I propose is a pact of solidarity between Journey lovers and foes. If you like Journey, please at least stand with me in saying that the Journey video games are a spectacular embarrassment to the band and gaming. And if you hate Journey, you're really going to suffer when you hear their songs rendered as 8-bit bleep boops in a bleatingly loud arcade game.

Painful as that is, game execs didn't know when to quit. They also released a home version for the 2600! After the jump, savor the deadly serious promo for the "world's first rock video game" and ponder whether you have the courage to help "Journey escape through mobs of love-crazed groupies. . . and live to rock another day."



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I was never much of a Journey fan, either. But I am a big fan of the notion of Journey providing the guiding priciples for life: WWJD?

I should add as a courtesy that if you're easily offended by lighthearted mockery of some people's sincerely held beliefs, you may want to skip the link above.

Sent by Maura | 12:53 PM | 6-2-2008

Ahh, the Journey Escape game. My brothers and I would scream "Kool Aid Man! Kool Aid Man!" whenever we were playing the Atari game in my parent's basement back in the 80s and the band's Manager showed up. (He was the single most powerful powerup in the entire game, and he looked just like the faux-fruit punch character.)

I'd still rather be playing Megamania or Adventure, though. Being attacked by flying peas and bowties or chicken dragons is immensely more enjoyable than being crushed underneath a falling double mattress set.

Sent by kevsmirk | 1:59 PM | 6-2-2008

I still think Breakout was the pinnacle of the 2600.

Now, you wanna talk old-school home video games, I had a Texas Instruments 99-4A computer. Near useless as a computer, but to this day, Parsec was the greatest home video game I have ever played.

Sent by Stewart | 10:31 PM | 6-2-2008