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Linkfest: Amy Winehouse Has Emphysema

Doctors say the 24-year-old British pop star has 70-percent lung capacity. Her father says he hopes she'll make it to the Glastonbury Festival next week.

It's the BPP's Ramble.

Candace Parker has second dunk in WNBA history / Ted Nugent sells game trophies as he plans another move / Berlusconi wants communion ban lifted / Amy Winehouse has emphysema



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@Laura Silver, the link to Berlusconi seems to be broken. Just FYI.

Sent by Matthew C. Scallon | 11:44 AM | 6-23-2008

Thanks for the heads up. We fixed it.

Sent by Laura | 12:35 PM | 6-23-2008

Wait... the link or Amy Winehouses emphysema?

Sent by Dan | 1:25 PM | 6-23-2008

@Laura, bravissima! Che bene!

I've heard that Berlusconi is nuts, and this might be proof. After all, it's not as though he's a new convert who grew up in a culture which had polygamy before the missionaries arrived. He's the Italian prime minister, for crying out loud. You can't throw out a rock out of the Parliament building window without hitting a Catholic Church, a parked scooter, or a Chinese restaurant --sometimes with the same rock. I've been to Rome; I know of what I speak. This isn't news to him.

What I thought was interesting was that the bishop was ready to let it slide if Berlusconi didn't make it into a public scene. Um, Your Excellency, with all due respect, remember that those things whispered in closets shall be shouted from rooftops (cf. Luke 12:3). And Christ said that before the invention of the Internet.

Sent by Matthew C. Scallon | 1:28 PM | 6-23-2008