Neil Gaiman Takes Your Questions : The Bryant Park Project Readers of 'Anansi Boys' queue up for the author interview.
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Neil Gaiman Takes Your Questions

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On today's show, Neil Gaiman talks with Mike Pesca and a few BPP listeners about the appeal of trickster gods, writing a novel where the default skin color is black, and the triumph of smarts over strength.

Gaiman says he was taken with the clever Anansi of West African folklore, and used it as the springboard for his novel Anansi Boys. "You begin with the folk tale, and then you start thinking, 'What does that mean? What does that mean for the rest of the world?' " he says. "The thing that made me happy is that really represents the point where people stop trying to hit their way out of trouble and start trying to think their way out of trouble."

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