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Open Thread: An End to the Democratic Race

Barack Obama claimed the Democratic nomination for president Tuesday night, amassing more than the 2,118 delegates needed for the win.

His rival, Hillary Clinton, told insiders she'd consider joining the ticket as Obama's vice president.

You can sort that out in the comments below.

John McCain's speech last night.
Which a lot of bloggers panned.



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I thought McCain's speech was hilarious. Not only was it forced and laughably horrid, they interrupted it to announce Obama had won the nomination on CNN. Then you compare McCain's auditorium staid atmosphere to Obama's arena filled with energy, a good day for the Democrats.

That said, if "Billary" is running for V.P., I would feel extremely conflicted voting for Obama. She doesn't deserve a cabinet position, let alone a spot on the ticket. And please for the love of gods, do NOT even consider giving her a spot on the Supreme Court. I twitched a bit just typing that.

Sent by Leigh Cutler | 9:25 AM | 6-4-2008

I'd consider sleeping with Drew Barrymore. But that's about as likely as Hillary being offered the VP slot.

My god, McCain's speech was awful. I mean, not garden variety awful, but serious trainwreck awful. Remember Admiral Stockdale at the VP debate in '92? This was awful on that scale. if they can't even get him a makeup artist who doesn't make him look like an Oompa-Loompa with scabies, how are they going to accomplish anything else?

Sent by Stewart | 2:22 PM | 6-4-2008

Subject: Mustard Yellow Shirt Guy

So, I only watched the campaign for about two minutes last night, but I too watched and wondered "What is going on here? Who IS that mustard yellow shirt guy?" If you guys could actually get down to the bottom of that mystery, I would be so grateful.

Sent by Susan | 3:32 PM | 6-4-2008

I was struck by the geographical juxtaposition of Obama and McCain. Obama, speaking near the headwaters of the Mississippi River, spoke of tomorrow and change. McCain, speaking near the Mississippi River Delta, spoke of today and yesterday.

It seems Obama's journey is beginning and McCain's journey is near the end.

Anyone for "Ol' Man River?"

Sent by Bill Santos | 7:20 PM | 6-4-2008