NPR logo Perfect Friday Music? That is the Ques-tee-un.


Perfect Friday Music? That is the Ques-tee-un.

Sometimes I forget that music existed between 1987 and 1991, and then Ian walks out of the meeting singing "Mercedes Boy" and I'm all like "mer-mer-mer-mercedes" for the rest of the day. It's like a wormhole.

This song comes up in the BPP office more than you might expect. A couple of weeks ago, when Adam Drucker was in the studio to talk about his new CD with the band Subtle, somebody else started talking about "Mercedes Boy," and Adam challenged us to come up with the name of Pebbles other big hit. I drew a blank until today.

Oh oh o-woo-oh. I'm totally going to have a three song dance party this afternoon with this, Two of Hearts, and Head to Toe.



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I totally used to rollerskate to this song (and some of her other stuff). RIP, Skate World!

Sent by eliz.s. (@elizs) | 2:06 PM | 6-13-2008